Torch set up of an equal pressures torch.  This is important in that it optimises preformance to allow you to weld in a less oxidizing condition.
  • Step one both bottles closed and regulator screw backed off ( no pressure)
  • Step two open oxygen valve at torch completely
  • Step three pressurize acetylene regulator to the recommended pressure for the tip installed
  • step four loght torch and adjust acetylene pressure
  • Step five the acetylene flame should be maxium size before it jumps off the tip
  • Step six open oxygen tank all the way and slowly crank in screw on the regulator until the flame raches a neutral flame no farther . Now you are ready to adjust size of working flame at the torch  Usually your oxyugen regulator gauge will show no pressure at the flow side 

wing tip repair

Here is an example of a repair on a wing tip from an older Cessna ans how it was repaired.  First the owner bought a new replacement which did not fit and the holes did not line up.  This is where we entered the picture.   Repairs had ben attempted on the wing tank which ended up cracking it from work  hardening.  We annealed the section then got out the gauges to determine the radius.  After getting the radius we built a  wooden buck out of oak to fit inside.  Usiing rubber hammers we shaped the wing tio againgst the buck.  When the shape was matching  we concluded by welding up the crack.  Then used a 80 grit flap disk to grind down to surface leval.  Done .  The wing t.   See accompaning photos